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AU 5

Billy: ::says goodnight to the last customers, locking the door behind them, turning and glancing around the pub::
Andy:::looks up from wiping down a table, clears his throat:: Guess we should start closing.
Billy: Can go if you want. I'll close up. Know you like to get out of here.
Andy:Nowhere to really go. I'll help.
Billy: ::nods, wiping down the bar:: At least my dad will be back tomorrow.
Andy:It's nice, though. Quiet here. ::lights a cigarette, glancing at Billy::
Billy: Quiet at the house as well since he and Maggie are gone this weekend.
Andy:Quiet at my flat last night after you left.
Billy: Right. About that. I...
Andy:::looks away, wiping the table down again:: You what?
Billy: Nothing. Just thought I should go.
Andy:'S fine, mate. Just a one time thing anyway, yeah?
Billy: ::nods:: Exactly.
Andy:Don't have to explain anything to me.
Billy: I know.
Andy:::forces a smile, going back around the bar, anxious::
Billy: ::looks away, starts stacking chairs on the tables::
Andy:Need help?
Billy: ::shrugs:: If you want.
Andy:::goes over to him, picking up some of the chairs, not looking at him::
Billy: Not going out tonight, then?
Andy:Where would I go?
Billy: I don't know.
Andy:::nods slightly, thinking:: No, I've nowhere to go. Not really up for trying to find some girl tonight.
Billy: ::laughs:: Must be a first.
Andy:And what about you? Why aren't you going out?
Billy: Tired.
Andy:Are you? ::stacks another chair:: Don't seem tired.
Billy: Too tired to go home and shower and go back out. ::finishes putting the chairs up, turns to the bar again:: Just want a drink and bed.
Andy:::watches him, smiles nervously:: That does sound good. A drink and bed. Aye, could go for that.
Billy: ::smiles, wiping down the bar:: You can go. Not much to be done here. I can finish up tomorrow morning before we open anyway. If... if you want to leave.
Andy:I don't want to leave.
Billy: ::shrugs:: Alright. ::finishes wiping the bar, washes his hands:: Sod it. I'll come in early tomorrow.
Andy:::shrugs and goes to take the rag from him, keeps cleaning::
Billy: Andy, just leave it. I'll get it tomorrow.
Andy:Alright. ::smiles quickly at him:: Guess I'll be off, then.
Billy: ::nods, putting on his coat, going to open the door::
Andy:::grabs his jacket, turning off the lights::
Billy: ::closes and locks the door behind them:: You working tomorrow, then?
Andy:::nods:: Can't come in to help clean, though... ::smirks:: I don't wake up that early, for one thing. And I've class. But I'll be in tomorrow night.
Billy: 'M off tomorrow night. Probably won't see you. So. Later in the week, then.
Andy:Oh. Alright, then.
Billy: ::smiles:: Night. ::turns away, walking toward his house down the street::
Andy:::watches him, digging in his pockets for his car keys::
Billy: ::glances back at him briefly, keeps walking::
Andy:Shite. ::sighs and keeps looking, stops to rub his hands together to stay warm::
Billy: ::gets to the house a few minutes later, unlocking the door and going in::
Andy:::curses quietly when he can't find his keys, walks down the street toward Billy's house::
Billy: ::pours himself a drink, wanders around the house::
Billy: ::opens the door:: Andy.
Andy:I can't find my goddamn bloody fucking car keys...
Billy: Oh. Leave them in the pub? I can walk back down and let you in if you want to look.
Andy:I don't think they are... Never take them out of my pocket. Could I just use your phone, call for a lift?
Billy: Sure. ::lets him in:: I'd drive you home, but I haven't got a car.
Andy:I know. ::goes inside, wandering into his kitchen to pick up a phone::
Billy: ::follows him:: Drink while you wait?
Andy:::nods, trying to call a friend - sighs when they don't answer::
Billy: ::pours him a whiskey::
Andy:::hangs up the phone, taking the whiskey from him:: Thank you. I... Maybe I should just ring for a cab.
Billy: ::shrugs:: Can stay here tonight 'f you want. ::goes into the sitting room::
Andy:Yeah? ::watches him go::
Billy: Sure. ::calls over his shoulder:: Can sleep on the couch.
Andy:::takes the whiskey with him into the sitting room, looks around before sitting on the sofa:: It's not so bad. Might, yeah. Can just... look for my keys in the morning.
Billy: Probably left them in the pub.
Andy:Don't see how they fell out of my pocket, but... maybe.
Billy: You'll find them I'm sure.
Andy:Hope so. ::leans back, watching him:: Since 'm here, sit down, talk to me.
Billy: Are you inviting me to sit in my own house? ::smiles::
Andy:You want to stand, then? Stand.
Billy: Wanker. ::laughs, sitting down::
Andy:::smiles, sliding closer and sipping his whiskey::
Billy: ::watches him, fumbling for his cigarettes::
Andy:::lights it for him, taking one of Billy's cigarettes after::
Billy: ::smokes, quiet for a few moments:: Andy, can I ask you a question?
Andy:Guess so.
Billy: Did you really lose your keys?
Andy:They're not in my pockets, I told you that.
Billy: Alright.
Andy:I can go look in the pub, if you really want.
Billy: No, it's fine. I was just... nevermind.
Andy:Just... what, exactly?
Billy: ::shakes his head:: Nothing. Want another drink?
Andy:::smiles:: Yeah. Just... bring the bottle, maybe.
Billy: ::goes back into the kitchen, brings the bottle back with him::
Andy:::takes it, refilling his glass::
Billy: ::sits on the sofa again::
Andy:So guess I'm working alone tomorrow night? 'F they're gone all weekend, and you're not coming in.
Billy: They'll be back late tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure my dad'll be in the pub for a bit.
Andy:::nods:: You like being here? By yourself.
Billy: ::shrugs:: Guess so. 'S quiet. Kind of nice.
Andy:::sips his whiskey, thinking:: Don't really like the bloody quiet. Living alone 's difficult sometimes, but not going back home.
Billy: Guess it'll be just me and my dad when Maggie goes to university in the fall.
Andy:Should be quieter then. Your da's not very talkative. ::laughs:: Neither are you.
Billy: I am sometimes.
Andy:Don't seem it.
Billy: I can be.
Andy:::nods, watching him::
Billy: You don't say much either.
Andy:Not very good at conversation.
Billy: I've noticed.
Andy:::laughs slightly, finishing his glass of whiskey:: Aye, well... I'm trying.
Billy: Don't have to talk if you don't want to.
Andy:What else would we do? ::puts his cigarette out quickly::
Billy: I... ::looks at him, then away:: I'll find you a blanket.
Andy:::quiet for a moment, looks at him:: Really going to make me sleep on the sofa, then?
Billy: Don't think Maggie or my da would appreciate you sleeping in either of their beds.
Andy:Billy... ::leans closer:: Don't bloody want to sleep in their beds.
Billy: ::nods, looking at him; stands, heads up the stairs, turning back to Andy:: You coming?
Andy:::sets the bottle of whiskey down on the table and gets up::
Billy: ::walks upstairs and into his bedroom, not turning on the light::
Andy:::follows him in, slower:
Billy: ::watches him, standing still:: This is... this is what you meant, wasn't it?
Andy:'S exactly what I meant. ::laughs nervously, going over to him, hesitates before kissing him::
Billy: ::kisses him back, nervous::
Andy:::steps closer, closing his eyes::
Billy: ::pushes Andy's jacket from his shoulders and onto the floor::
Andy:::nudges him closer to the bed, kissing him harder::
Billy: ::kisses him back, grasping his shirt::
Andy:::presses against him - breaks the kiss to press his face into his neck, nervous but trying not to show it::
Billy: ::puts his arms around him hesitantly, moving his hands over his back, tugs his shirt off::
Andy:::pulls back to get Billy's shirt off as well, running his hands over his chest::
Billy: ::pushes him closer to the bed, forcing him to sit, watching him::
Andy:::grins and slides further back on the bed, slowly unzipping his jeans::
Billy: ::pauses, looking at him, crawls on top of him, kissing him again::
Andy:::kisses him back, arching his hips toward him::
Billy: ::kisses his neck, tugging his jeans down::
Andy:::lays down on his back, reaching to palm Billy through his trousers::
Billy: ::kisses down his chest, wrapping his fingers around Andy's cock::
Andy:::moans softly, gripping the duvet with one hand, reaching to grasp his shoulder with the other::
Billy: ::strokes him slowly::
Andy:::bites his lip, thrusts toward his hand::
Billy: ::glances at him, takes the head of his cock into his mouth::
Andy:Fuck... Billy... ::closes his eyes tightly, squeezing the duvet as he tries not to thrust into his mouth::
Billy: ::hesitates, starts sucking him slowly::
Andy:::moans, arching his hips a little:: Oh fuck... That's good, Billy... Yes...
Billy: ::holds him still, sucking harder::
Andy:Jesus... Want more than that... ::thrusts up toward him, leaning his head back::
Billy: ::pulls back slowly, looking at him, breathing heavily:: What do you want?
Andy:::whimpers, squirming on the bed:: Want to fuck you...
Billy: ::stands, getting his jeans off::
Andy:::pulls him back onto the bed, flipping him onto his back quickly::
Billy: ::kisses him again::
Andy:::kisses him back, grinding against him, moans into his mouth::
Billy: ::moves a hand between them to stroke Andy's cock::
Andy:::jerks toward him:: Fuck... Want you so much.
Billy: ::quietly:: Want you too.
Andy:::closes his eyes tightly, kissing him again::
Billy: ::kisses him back, arching toward him::
Andy:::reaches behind Billy, hesitant now::
Billy: ::stills, trying to calm down:: Do you... do you have...?
Andy:I... Fuck. ::sits up enough to get his jeans off the floor, fumbling for his wallet::
Billy: ::watches him, quiet::
Andy:::finally gets it out, pulling out a condom packet - laughs slightly::
Billy: Carry more than one or did you replace the one from last night? ::grins::
Andy:Replaced the one from last night... ::leans down to kiss him again::
Billy: ::kisses him back:: Planned this, did you?
Andy:Was hoping for this... ::slides the condom on, closing his eyes::
Billy: With me?
Andy:::snickers:: No, with your da.
Billy: ::nudges him:: Wanker.
Andy:::kisses him, laughing::
Billy: ::kisses him back, murmurs:: Was just wondering.
Andy:Want you. ::closes his eyes, stroking Billy slowly::
Billy: ::moans:: Please, Andy...
Andy:::slides his hand lower, cups his balls:: Shh...
Billy: ::bites his lower lip, trying to stay still::
Andy:::moves his hand lower, circling his entrance with a finger::
Billy: ::gasps:: Andy...
Andy:::presses one slowly into him, kissing his neck::
Billy: ::starts stroking Andy's cock again::
Andy:::stills, arching toward him::
Billy: Please, Andy.
Andy:::pulls his hand back slowly, trying not to shake as he presses into him::
Billy: ::moans loudly, grasping the sheets in his fists::
Andy:Oh fuck... ::grips his hips tightly, pressing in further::
Billy: ::exhales, watching him::
Andy:::breathing hard, starts to move slowly::
Billy: ::closes his eyes, tensing beneath him::
Andy:::reaches to stroke him again, moaning:: Billy...
Billy: ::lifts his hips, opening his eyes again, kisses him::
Andy:::kisses him back, moving his hand faster over him:: Fuck... 'S tight...
Billy: ::thrusts into his fist, groans::
Andy:::thrusts harder into him, moaning his name::
Billy: God... Andy...
Andy:::presses his face into his neck again, moving faster:: Oh fuck... 'S so good, Billy...
Billy: Mmmm... feel good, Andy...
Andy:::squeezes his cock, moaning against his neck, trying to control his movements::
Billy: Fuck... ::moves his hand to his cock again::
Andy:I... Oh fuck, Billy... ::moans loudly as he comes, still pushing into him::
Billy: ::strokes himself quickly, comes a moment later, shuddering::
Andy:::slows, leaning against him::
Billy: ::stills, calming down::
Andy:::rolls off after a moment, throwing the condom in a rubbish bin::
Billy: ::stares up at the ceiling::
Andy:::watches him, quietly:: I really did lose my keys.
Billy: ::snorts:: Lock them in the car?
Andy:I don't know where they are. Have to find them... in the morning.
Billy: Staying here?
Andy:Am I invited?
Billy: If you want. Yeah.
Andy:I'd like that, aye.
Billy: Okay.
Andy:::grins at him:: Should have stayed last night.
Billy: I didn't think... really?
Andy:::shrugs:: Could have. I told you that.
Billy: Didn't know if you wanted me to or you were just saying it because we...
Andy:::kisses him again, hesitant:: You're still my friend, Billy. Could have stayed as that, at least. 'S just a bit of fun, but I like you. You're a good kid.
Billy: ::nods, pulling the blankets over them:: I'll help you look for your keys tomorrow.
Andy:Thanks. ::stretches, closing his eyes::
Billy: ::turns over:: Night, Andy.
Andy:Night, Billy. ::lays quietly, trying to sleep::

Please remember that this AU bit never happened in the main painted_whiskey thread.
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First lotr fandom smut I've read in a looooooong time. Delish. Andy/Billy ♥
You better have read this. It was your idea that we RP it. :P (I think it was, anyway).
XD Billy and Andy? Nahhhh that doesn't sound like something I'd suggest, surely ;)

Amazing I can read anything right now, considering my eyes are pretty much cross-eyed at the mo'.
No way. You'd suggest liek... Orlando/Viggo.


Nooooo. Not tired; too many thingamabobs.
Actually, Orlando/Viggo in PW verse would be funny as hell to read.

You high again?
Viggo's in PW now? I like the PW Orli, he's sweet.

:/ Yeah, but not heaps. Just making me crosseyed for some dumbass reason.
Later on, he is. Relatively soon, actually. Liek, part 202 or something.

Go. To. Bed.

No. Must. Stay. Up. Just. To. Annoy. Kerry. :P.
Viggo is my favorite, dude. The man is crazy. And speaks absolute nonsense. And he's married to Miranda! Don't you remember anything from the Night Kerry Told You All of PW in Under Twenty Minutes? For shame.

You would....
Oh yeah! It was in under ten minutes, liebling. ;) And Nat dun retain much.

Too bad you've prolly got class soon, I've an insane urge to call you.
Do it toniiiiiight. My tonight. AFTER YOU'VE SLEPT.
I have to go out and get more thingamabobs tomorrow, but I'll no doubt see you while I'm having breakfast anyway, so shall chat then. ZOMG I AM GETTING A COFFEE.
Woe. You going to class?
Hee! This is one of my favorite AU bits.
if only t'was true. no loraine and no evil jack. of course no sonny and no ruby, and then there would not have been two gay uni boys to walk into their lives and turn them upside down and then fuck each other and muck it all up for a while.
I'm trying really hard to imagine what would have happened fifteen years down the line had these two ended up together. I think they might have actually been happy. They'd live in Billy's father's house and Andy would paint and maybe be a full time actor. Billy would work at the pub, but not as much. Maybe he even sells it and finds something else to do, tries his hand at uni or the whole singing business. They'd lay around the house at night drinking beer and discussing everything and telling dirty jokes, and sometimes they'd fight. Billy would just ignore Andy until he would finally come around, and then they'd have hot sex on the stairs. And Andy would be a lot better at communicating, but he wouldn't really need to, because I think Billy is one of the only ones in PW that ever really understood Andy - all of him - and always accepted him for that.

Or maybe not. I think they could have worked, way back then. But it didn't happen that way, and I'm kind of glad it didn't.