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AU 2

This AU bit is an alternative to this part of the regular painted_whiskey thread - Part One Hundred and Three. Please remember that these AU bits are just that, and NEVER HAPPENED in the actual storyline. All AU posts here are just us playing around with 'what if' and basically RPing lots of filthy sex.

WARNING: This AU storyline contains Woodcest. Please do not read if that's not your thing. And remember it never actually happened in the story. And we really don't think Elijah and Hannah do this sort of thing, but then that goes without saying, doesn't it?

Elijah: ::yawns:: Guess we should get to bed since we have to be up early for the train tomorrow. Hannah, you want me to show you where you're sleeping?
Hannah: ::nods and stands, tugging gently on his arm:: Come on.
Andy: ::watches them, stretching::
Elijah: ::looks over at him:: You coming up?
Andy: Might as well. ::gets up::
Elijah: ::leads his sister upstairs:: You can stay in Ruby's room. ::turns on the light for her::
Hannah: ::goes in, looking around, arches a brow:: Like pink, does she?
Andy: 'S her favourite colour.
Elijah: Need anything else?
Hannah: ::grins at him, looking him over::
Andy: ::watches her curiously::
Elijah: ::raises an eyebrow at her::
Hannah: ::kisses his cheek:: Go have fun with Andy.
Elijah: ::squeezes her hand, kissing her quickly:: Yeah.
Andy: ::stares at them::
Hannah: ::brushes some hair off his face, murmurs:: Night, Elijah.
Elijah: ::closes his eyes briefly, then looks at her:: Get some sleep.
Hannah: You too. ::goes to lay down::
Elijah: ::turns toward the door:: See you in the morning.
Andy: ::watches Elijah, follows him--closes the door behind him:: The fuck was that?
Elijah: ::looks at him:: What?
Andy: You know what. That.
Elijah: That what?
Andy: That! You kissed her.
Elijah: She's my sister.
Andy: I don't kiss my sisters like that, mate.
Elijah: Like what? It was a kiss.
Andy: Aye, it was a kiss. A kiss.
Elijah: ::shakes his head:: Not like I've been kissing you all night.
Andy: Sure as fuck looked that way to me.
Elijah: Jesus, it was a peck on the lips.
Andy: ::watches him closely::
Elijah: What?
Andy: Nothing...
Elijah: Are we going to bed then?
Andy: ::sneers:: Sure you don't want to invite your sister with us?
Elijah: ::stares at him::
Andy: It was fucking weird, Elijah.
Elijah: It wasn't anything.
Andy: Fine.
Elijah: Look, if you're so freaked out, maybe I should go sleep with Hannah.
Andy: Whatever. Go on, then.
Elijah: You're fucking serious?
Andy: You know I fucking want you upstairs. Do whatever you want, though.
Elijah: I want you.
Andy: ::kisses him, hard:: Come on, then.
Elijah: ::goes into the bedroom::
Andy: ::follows him, glancing back at Hannah's room::
Elijah: ::takes off his shirt, looks at Andy::
Andy: ::kisses him again::
Elijah: ::kisses him back, tugging at his shirt::
Andy: ::pulls it off, pressing against him::
Elijah: Mmmm.
Andy: ::backs him up toward the wall::
Elijah: ::smiles:: Last chance for a week.
Andy: ::moans, getting his jeans off:: Don't remind me...
Elijah: You going to miss me?
Andy: Aye. ::cups him::
Elijah: ::moans quietly::
Hannah: ::comes into the room:: Hey, Lij, where's- ::stops::
Andy: ::looks at her::
Elijah: ::leans his head back, closing his eyes:: What do you need, Hannah?
Hannah: ::licks her lips, staring at them:: I don't remember.
Andy: ::watches Elijah curiously, strokes him slowly::
Elijah: ::moans again, pressing against him::
Andy: ::squeezes him, murmurs:: She's watching, Elijah...
Elijah: ::looks at Hannah over Andy's shoulder::
Hannah: ::smiles uncertainly at him, not moving::
Andy: ::strokes him harder, bites his neck::
Elijah: ::holds out a hand to her, watching her::
Hannah: ::goes over to him, kisses him::
Andy: ::pulls back slightly::
Elijah: ::kisses her back, moving closer to Andy again::
Andy: ::clears his throat::
Hannah: ::looks at him::
Andy: ::arches a brow::
Elijah: ::smiles:: What did you want, Hannah?
Hannah: This will do nicely.
Elijah: Better ask Andy if he wants to play. It's his house.
Andy: I'm not crazy, then? That wasn't a fucking peck on the cheek.
Hannah: ::kisses Elijah:: Mmm. No, it wasn't.
Elijah: A little more than that, yeah. ::looks at him:: So?
Andy: ::nods slightly:: How... exactly does this work?
Hannah: ::slides closer to him, smiles:: You can either fuck me and make Elijah watch... Or you can watch me fuck my brother, Andy. Or, option number three, I can go back to my room.
Elijah: ::unzips Andy's trousers:: Whatever you want.
Andy: ::groans, arching into his hand:: Fuck...
Elijah: ::laughs:: Yes, but which one of us?
Andy: ::sneers and kisses him again:: I... I don't know.
Elijah: Both of us? ::looks over at Hannah, takes her shirt off, kissing her neck:: Missed you.
Andy: ::watches them, breathing hard::
Hannah: ::leans her head back, pressing against him:: Missed you too.
Elijah: Couldn't wait until tomorrow night for this?
Hannah: ::giggles and kisses him:: Been a long time, Elijah. And Andy doesn't seem to be complaining.
Elijah: Mmm. Think he's too shocked. ::slides a hand into Andy's trousers, wraps his fingers around his cock::
Andy: ::closes his eyes, arching toward him::
Hannah: ::gets the rest of her clothes off, kissing Elijah's neck::
Elijah: ::strokes Andy slowly, rubs Hannah's back with his other hand::
Hannah: ::reaches to stroke Andy with Elijah::
Andy: ::surprised, moans and kisses Elijah::
Elijah: ::kisses him back, murmurs:: She's not a little girl. Sometimes she even surprises me.
Andy: Fuck... How long have you two...
Elijah: ::shrugs:: Few years.
Andy: ::nods slightly and kisses him again:: I want to watch you with her... ::cups Elijah:: While I'm in you.
Elijah: Hannah?
Hannah: I'm up for anything, Lij.
Elijah: What else is new? ::smiles:: Bed.
Hannah: ::laughs and moves to the bed::
Andy: ::watches them::
Elijah: ::presses her onto her back, bites her thigh playfully, lays on top of her, kissing her:: Fuck, I missed you.
Hannah: ::squirms beneath him:: Please, Lijah...
Andy: ::gets on the bed, kissing the back of Elijah's neck::
Elijah: Mmm. You're impatient, aren't you?
Hannah: Always.
Andy: ::grabs the lube, starts to press a finger into him::
Elijah: ::moans, biting his lower lip::
Andy: ::turns his head to kiss him, murmurs:: Miss being with her?
Elijah: Miss fucking her. ::presses into her slowly::
Hannah: ::moans and arches up:: Fuck, Lij...
Andy: ::closes his eyes, pressing another finger into him::
Hannah: ::kisses him, hard:: Tell him what he's missing... ::thrusts toward him::
Elijah: ::grins, thrusting hard into her:: What do you want me to tell him? ::kisses her, sucking on her lower lip:: Want me to tell him how good you feel? Hmmm? ::kisses her neck::
Hannah: ::leans her head back, moaning:: Tell him, Lij...
Andy: ::cursing quietly, moves his hand back::
Elijah: ::glances over his shoulder at Andy, then looks back at Hannah:: Tell him what? Want me to tell him how tight you are, Hannah?
Andy: Fuck, you two... ::bites Elijah's shoulder, pressing into him::
Hannah: ::thrusts up harder toward Elijah::
Elijah: ::moans, burying his face in her neck:: Jesus...
Hannah: ::runs a hand through his hair::
Andy: ::grips his hips tightly, moving quickly in him::
Elijah: Fuck, Hannah... ::starts thrusting faster::
Andy: ::moans:: Elijah... ::thrusts harder into him::
Hannah: Mmmm... ::reaches to rub her clit, arching toward him::
Elijah: ::kisses her, murmurs:: Do you want Andy?
Hannah: ::bites her lip and nods:: Fuck yes...
Andy: ::groans, pressing his face into his neck::
Elijah: ::nods, pulling away from her::
Hannah: ::whimpers, watching him::
Elijah: Andy...
Andy: Fuck... Are you sure? ::pulls back slowly::
Elijah: ::turns and kisses him, lays next to Hannah::
Andy: ::kisses him back, watching her::
Hannah: Mmm. Come here, Andy.
Andy: ::moves closer, pressing into her--groans:
Elijah: ::watches Andy, stroking himself, kisses Hannah::
Hannah: ::kisses him back, arching against Andy, still rubbing herself::
Andy: Fuck, she is tight... ::thrusts harder::
Elijah: ::presses against Hannah's thigh, kissing her breasts:: He never believes me...
Hannah: ::runs her fingers through his hair again:: He should... Mmm. He feels good, Elijah.
Andy: Jesus... You two are beautiful... ::closes his eyes tightly, still moving in her::
Elijah: ::watches him, running a hand down his chest::
Hannah: ::wraps her legs around his waist, closing her eyes:: Mmmm...
Andy: Close... ::thrusting harder::
Elijah: ::gets to his knees beside him, pressing against him, kissing his neck:: Faster... want you to come.
Andy: ::kisses him roughly and comes in her, shuddering::
Hannah: ::moans, watching him::
Elijah: ::strokes Hannah's thigh, running a hand through Andy's hair::
Andy: ::leans against her::
Hannah: ::kisses Elijah again::
Elijah: ::kisses her back, stroking his cock::
Andy: ::slides back slowly::
Hannah: ::reaches to stroke his cock for him::
Elijah: Mmmm. Missed this.
Hannah: Missed this too, Lij...
Elijah: Fuck... want you...
Hannah: ::sits up, straddling his hips and guiding him into her, groans::
Elijah: ::thrusts up into her, moaning, kissing her::
Andy: ::lays beside Elijah, watching them::
Hannah: ::kisses him back, moving slowly::
Elijah: Faster... god...
Hannah: ::closes her eyes, pulls almost all the way off him and slams back down onto his cock, groans:: Elijah...
Elijah: Hannah... fuck... so good... love you. ::grasps her hips::
Hannah: Love you too, Lij... Mmm...
Andy: ::kisses his neck, murmurs:: Fuck... Look at you two.
Elijah: ::thrusts into her, shaking:: That's... fuck... not what you were saying earlier.
Andy: ::laughs:: Thought I was going fucking crazy. You lied to me. Wasn't a bloody peck on the cheek.
Hannah: Stop... talking... ::rubs herself, moving faster against him::
Elijah: ::moves one hand over her clit, pressing against it, thrusting into her:: Fuck...
Hannah: Come for me, Elijah... ::bites her lip::
Elijah: ::watches her:: You first.
Hannah: ::laughs, breathless, rubbing herself harder::
Elijah: ::kisses her, grasping her waist again, moving her on top of him::
Hannah: ::moans, leaning her head back:: Fuck... 'M, Elijah...
Elijah: Hannah... ::thrusts deeper into her, comes, moaning::
Hannah: ::shudders on top of him as she comes::
Elijah: ::pulls her closer, hugging her tightly::
Hannah: ::hugs him back::
Andy: ::watches them::
Elijah: ::murmurs into her neck:: Love you.
Hannah: ::grins:: Love you too.
Elijah: ::looks over at Andy::
Andy: ::grins at him::
Elijah: You're not going crazy. ::smiles::
Andy: No, obviously.
Elijah: You okay... with this?
Andy: ::nods, rubbing his back::
Elijah: ::kisses him again::
Andy: ::kisses him back::
Elijah: Did you have fun?
Andy: ::smirks and pulls him closer:: Aye.
Hannah: ::lays on the other side of Elijah::
Elijah: Guess if you don't kiss your sisters you don't do that with them.
Andy: ::snorts:: No.
Elijah: It's just something we do sometimes.
Andy: ::nods slightly::
Hannah: ::rubs Elijah's chest:: Probably always will.
Andy: Going to in Edinburgh, I take it?
Hannah: Probably.
Elijah: If you'd rather I didn't...
Andy: You're not going to leave me for your sister, Lij. I guess... it's okay.
Elijah: 'M not leaving you for anyone. I love you.
Andy: I love you too.
Hannah: ::giggles:: You are in love.
Elijah: ::nudges her:: Shut up.
Hannah: You are.
Elijah: I know.
Hannah: ::grins::
Elijah: Don't know if he is... ::smiles::
Andy: ::kisses him:: Shut it, Wood. Sleep. ::softer:: I love you.
Elijah: I know you do. ::closes his eyes::
Andy: ::watches him;:
Hannah: ::glances at Andy, rests her head on her brother's shoulder::
Elijah: ::smiles:: You staying here tonight?
Hannah: Is that okay?
Elijah: Have to ask Andy.
Andy: 'S fine, Hannah.
Elijah: Mmm. Good.
Andy: ::smiles and closes his eyes::
Elijah: ::yawns::
Andy: Sleep...
Hannah: Mmm. Yeah, sleep.
Elijah: Night...
Andy: ::smiles sleepily, drifting off:
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