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Flashback 6

Sean: ::goes over to Orlando's table, clearing away the empty glasses, glances at him:: Did your mates take off on you?
Orlando: ::drinks the last of his pint, looks up at Sean, trying to focus:: Hmm? Oh, right. Yeah, they've left me.
Sean: And why have they left you all alone? ::holds out his hand for the glass::
Orlando: ::hands him the glass:: Dunno. Think they're going on to some sort of party or something.
Sean: Didn't want to go to a party?
Orlando: Not really a party sort of person.
Sean: ::nods slowly:: I'll be right back, yeah? Do you need me to ring you a cab?
Orlando: I'm alright. ::waves him off, laughing:: Can crawl home. 'S cheaper.
Sean: Short on money? ::pauses, watching him closely::
Orlando: ::shakes his head, swaying a bit in his chair:: Nope. Been paying for drinks all night. Have plenty of money. It was a joke.
Sean: ::nods and sets the glasses down, sitting with him:: Can't let you leave the pub like that, mate... What was your name?
Orlando: Like what? Something wrong with me? Is my zipper down? ::glances at his trousers::
Sean: ::snorts, shaking his head:: No. Fucking trousered. Now... your name?
Orlando: Bloom. Orlando Bloom.
Sean: C'mon, Bloom Orlando Bloom. Let's get you some water or something, for fuck's sake.
Orlando: I don't need any water. I'm fine. Honestly. See? ::stands up, nearly falling over::
Sean: ::grabs him, helping to hold him up:: You're not leaving the pub like that without sobering up a bit first, or letting me ring for a taxi.
Orlando: ::looks at him, smiles:: Hey. You're the bartender.
Sean: ::laughs a bit:: Aye. I'm Sean. The bartender.
Orlando: You've been behind the bar looking at me all night. I saw you.
Sean: ::clears his throat:: Did you? Must have been looking back at me if you saw.
Orlando: Didn't you mean for me to notice?
Sean: Maybe I did, but... you're a bit pissed now. Don't think you'd notice anything.
Orlando: I notice lots of things.
Sean: Like what?
Orlando: You're looking at me again.
Sean: Should I not be? ::smiles and turns away:: We were talking. Generally look at people I'm talking to.
Orlando: No, you were looking at me.
Sean: ::laughs:: Was I?
Orlando: ::uncertainly:: Weren't you?
Sean: I'm going to get you some water. You figure out if I was looking, alright?
Orlando: Should I... ::stumbles a bit, sits back down again:: I'll just stay here, then.
Sean: Aye, don't move. ::goes back to the bar and returns a minute later with a glass of water, hands it to him::
Orlando: ::drinks the water all in one go, setting the glass down:: That wasn't a very good drink, mate.
Sean: Sorry. ::smirks, trying not to laugh:: I'll try better next time.
Orlando: 'S okay. I've got whiskey at home.
Sean: And did you drive here from your home, Orlando?
Orlando: I... ::thinks:: No. I must have got a ride with my friends. Shit. I'll need a taxi I guess.
Sean: What's your address? ::pulls out a pen and grabs a napkin, watching him::
Orlando: ::takes the pen from him, writes down his address, then starts doodling::
Sean: ::watches him curiously:: What's that?
Orlando: My address. You said write it down and I did. ::holds up the napkin:: See?
Sean: Aye, I did. ::smiles:: I'll ring you a taxi. Just... stay here. Don't move. ::watches him closely and stands again::
Orlando: ::nods, going back to writing on the napkin::
Sean: ::goes over to the bar to call for a cab, comes back again:: It's on its way. ::sits with him again:: So 'f you're not a party kind of a bloke... What made you come out with your mates for the drink?
Orlando: They dragged me out. Can't think why, though, they never usually ask me.
Sean: Don't sound like good mates, just to leave you here.
Orlando: ::shrugs:: They're alright.
Sean: So what do you like to do, if not go drinking at pubs?
Orlando: Dunno. Finishing up at uni right now. 'S about all I have time for. Books. Lots and lots and lots and lots of books.
Sean: ::nods slightly:: Not much of a book reader myself.
Orlando: ::finishes drawing on the napkin:: Did you need this?
Sean: ::pauses for a moment:: No. You can keep it. ::smiles and writes his number down on it::
Orlando: But you needed my address for... something. I even put my phone number down there.
Sean: Aye, and I wrote my number there. ::points, watching him::
Orlando: ::blinks up at him:: What for?
Sean: So that you can ring me. When you're not so drunk.
Orlando: Why would you want me to ring you?
Sean: To go out. For... dinner. ::rolls his eyes and takes the napkin:: Why don't I just call you?
Orlando: ::stares at him:: You want to go out with me?
Sean: 'S what I'm trying to say, aye. ::smiles:: Just... when you're sober.
Orlando: ::nods:: Sober. Right. Okay. But, wait... you want to go out with me?
Sean: No. ::points behind Orlando, looking serious:: See that bloke behind you? The one with the dark hair and the posh accent? Want him. Do you know his number? ::lightly hits the back of his head:: Aye. 'M asking you out. Or, I will when I ring you tomorrow. After you've had time to get over the hangover.
Orlando: Ohhhh, fuck. I'm going to be hungover.
Sean: ::grins:: Aye, you fucking well are, mate. ::sighs, glancing at his watch:: Where's the bloody taxi?
Orlando: Dunno. Am I keeping you? I can wait outside. Then I won't miss the taxi. Can't walk home.
Sean: ::sighs quietly:: I'm closing up anyway. Why don't I just give you a ride? You're on my way.
Orlando: No, it's alright. I'll just go outside and wait for the taxi like a good boy. A sober one.
Sean: But you're not sober. ::smiles:: I don't mind. And don't want you passing out in the street.
Orlando: I'm not going to pass out. I'm okay. Really. Promise. Cross my heart.
Sean: ::stands, shaking his head:: Come on.
Orlando: Anything you say.
Sean: ::smiles and takes his arm, pulling him to his feet::
Orlando: ::stands up:: Where we going, then? ::smiles::
Sean: Your flat. ::wraps an arm around him, watching him as he leads him outside::
Orlando: Oh. Did I invite you to come and see my flat?
Sean: ::pauses, smiles:: Aye, you did. ::tries to get the door locked without taking his arm away from him::
Orlando: Alright, then. ::smiles:: I've some whiskey at home if you want some. And I think my flatmate is gone.
Sean: We'll see when we get there. ::finally gets it locked, walks over to his car, glancing at Orlando::
Orlando: I'm really not that drunk, Sean. Really. Your name's Sean, isn't it?
Sean: Aye, Sean. ::opens the door for him:: If you're not that drunk, then don't be sick in my car.
Orlando: I never get so drunk that I get sick. ::gets in the car::
Sean: Then don't start now.... ::smiles and gets in the driver's seat, shaking his head::
Orlando: No. I wouldn't do that. I don't even know you, I couldn't throw up in your car.
Sean: ::laughs quietly:: Well. So long as you don't know me. ::drives, glancing at the address Orlando wrote down::
Orlando: But I do sort of know you now, don't I?
Sean: We'll see if you know me in the morning, though.
Orlando: It probably already is morning.
Sean: After you sleep, then.
Orlando: I'm pretty tired, yeah. But you're taking me home, right?
Sean: I am. ::squints, trying to make out his handwriting::
Orlando: ::quiet for a few minutes, looking over at him::
Sean: Where do you live again, Orlando? ::looks at him, surprised to see him staring - smiles uncertainly::
Orlando: I wrote it down for you. On the napkin.
Sean: Aye, but I can't read it. Have trouble reading sometimes.
Orlando: Oh. ::frowns a bit:: Shall I read it to you?
Sean: Aye, just tell me your address again.
Orlando: It's 368 Mulberry. I wrote it on the napkin. And drew a little mulberry bush too. Did I put my phone number on there?
Sean: You did. Why did you write your number? ::turns onto another street::
Orlando: Dunno. Seems to just go with your address, doesn't it? Your phone number, I mean.
Sean: Do you remember what I wrote on the napkin?
Orlando: No. You took it again. What did you write?
Sean: My phone number. But I'm keeping the napkin and going to ring you tomorrow. Remember?
Orlando: Are you really going to ring me tomorrow? You don't have to say you will if you aren't going to, it's alright.
Sean: You're... cute. ::snorts:: Don't usually like cute. But... aye, I'm going to ring tomorrow. In the afternoon.
Orlando: Why were you looking at me earlier?
Sean: Because... Well, Christ, you're not going to remember this in the morning. Thought you looked nice. Fancied you.
Orlando: ::stares at him:: Oh. Well.
Sean: ::laughs, ears turning red - parks in front of his flat::
Orlando: ::smiles up at his building:: You brought me home.
Sean: ::gets out, going and opening the door for him:: Not upstairs yet.
Orlando: I think I can make it upstairs on my own. ::gets out of the car, pulling his keys from his pocket::
Sean: ::nods slightly, watching him:: Oh. Well... I guess I'll be going.
Orlando: I've whiskey, though. If you want.
Sean: Okay.
Orlando: ::walks up the front steps of his building, leading Sean up the stairs to his flat::
Sean: ::follows behind him, looking around::
Orlando: ::fumbles with his keys to unlock the door, finally getting it open::
Sean: ::steps inside, smiles:: It's... nice. ::looks back at Orlando, licks his lips::
Orlando: ::shuts the door behind them:: It's okay. Flatmate's never here.
Sean: Don't seem to have very nice friends... ::watches Orlando, not moving::
Orlando: ::shrugs:: Don't mind really. Used to being on my own. ::laughs:: Me and my books.
Sean: ::smiles and steps closer, feeling a bit anxious:: Yeah? You look like a nice enough bloke. Why just... you and the books?
Orlando: In case you hadn't noticed, my social skills are a bit crap. ::snorts:: Whiskey?
Sean: No whiskey, Orlando. ::presses him lightly against the door::
Orlando: ::watches him, nervous:: What, then?
Sean: No talking, either. ::kisses him, closing his eyes::
Orlando: ::kisses him back::
Sean: ::deepens the kiss, wrapping an arm around him uncertainly::
Orlando: ::pushes him back slightly::
Sean: ::pulls back quickly, frowning;: I'm sorry.
Orlando: No. Just... need to sit down before I fall down.
Sean: Come on. Let's get you to the chair.
Orlando: Bed would be better.
Sean: Bed, then. Which one is the bedroom?
Orlando: End of the hall.
Sean: ::nods and wraps an arm around him again, leading him into the bedroom::
Orlando: ::sits on the edge of the bed, kicks off his shoes::
Sean: ::pauses and gets a waste bin, moves it near the bed::
Orlando: I'm fine. Really, Sean. I'm not going to be sick. ::starts to fumble with the buttons of his shirt::
Sean: ::hovers near the door, uncertain::
Orlando: ::mutters:: Fucking things. ::finally gets one button undone, glances over at Sean::
Sean: Think... I should go.
Orlando: Oh.
Sean: ::pauses:: Do you need help? With the shirt, not the rest.
Orlando: ::quiet for a moment, watching him, finally nods::
Sean: ::hesitates and walks over to him; kneels in front of him and starts to undo the buttons for him, smiles weakly::
Orlando: ::brushes his fingers over Sean's knuckles; softly:: You've big hands.
Sean: ::slows his movements, lightly:: Helps with being a bartender. Can carry more drinks or... something.
Orlando: Or something, eh?
Sean: ::smiles slightly, getting the last button undone, pushes the shirt off Orlando's shoulders and helps him get it off:: Or something.
Orlando: You should tell me about the or something bit.
Sean: Maybe next time.
Orlando: Look, Sean... ::pauses:: If there's not going to be a next time, it's alright.
Sean: You said that already. And I told you that I'd ring tomorrow.
Orlando: ::nods:: I'd like that.
Sean: ::smiles and stands back up, wincing:: Just lay down. Sleep it off.
Orlando: ::lays back against the pillows, smiles up at him::
Sean: ::smiles back, watching him for a moment::
Orlando: Thank you for... all this.
Sean: ::laughs:: Sleep. ::turns to leave::
Orlando: ::watches him go, closes his eyes::
Sean: ::walks down to his car, pulling out the napkin and looking at it for a moment::
Orlando: ::smiles, falling asleep a few minutes later::

Please remember that this did actually happen during the painted_whiskey main thread, before the first Orlibean post.
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